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To Whom it May Concern
I have been attending Massage Therapy with Fawn Sewell a certified Rolfer, for well over a year.

I am a very active person (triathlon, marathons and gym work) and as a result of prolonged over use I suffered from chronic pain in my right knee.
In an effort to remain active and reduce the debilitating effect of my bad knee I had tried chiropractic adjustment, sports massage, acupuncture, weight training, anti-inflammatory medicine, herbs, orthotics and braces. Most of the efforts worked to a certain extent but none of them provided a long term or complete solution and usually resulted in the pain returning within days if not hours of the treatment.

I had heard about the ability to re-align the body with Rolfing from various fitness professionals and decided to give it a whirl and I am delighted that I did!

With treatments designed to re- align the way my lower body reacts to the stresses of running and walking Fawn had me back to a fairly high level of training within weeks and with no chronic knee pain! Fawn also provided instruction on how to help the treatments become long term solutions by correctly sitting and walking throughout the day.

Now after a year of progressive treatments I know that I am healthier and stronger than before the chronic knee pain started and I’m eagerly participating in daily training for my next adventure hike or run. The knee pain is non existent even after a 75 Km hiking trip on the West Coast Trail.

Fawn is very knowledgeable and spends the time necessary to make sure she understands her clients past and present physical abilities and constraints so that she can provide the correct therapy to improve the performance. The ridding of the pain was an added bonus for me!

To deliver the services Fawn provides a home studio that is very professional, clean, calming and safe.

My experience has been excellent and I highly recommend Fawn's services.

Dave Wallace, CPPA

I am 38 years old and have been dealing with serious back issues for a number of years. I am so grateful that I discovered Rolfing because it has allowed me to enjoy a higher quality of life than any other treatment I have tried. Fawn is a very knowledgable and caring therapist and is great at maintaining a relaxing, positive atmosphere during the treatment sessions. I would highly recommend Fawn to anyone looking for help healing from an injury or just looking to be better aligned in their body.

Darren Gross
Lab Tech

“I came to Fawn thinking that all I needed was deep massages for my shoulders and neck (problems so many people have these days). The Rolfing experience with Fawn was an eye opener for me.
I realized, through the Rolfing process, that other parts of my body were working along with AND working against my shoulders and neck. That they are connected. There were several times when she was working on one area of my body, that muscles reacted in others. Not only that, but she recognized and improved my basic statue. It was a valuable, full body improvement.”

Laurel Hawkswell