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Fawn Sewell
Rolfing® SI & Registered Massage Therapy
Offering Rolfing® Structural Integration and Massage Therapy at a convenient West Edmonton location.

Which therapy is right for you?

If your aim is to enjoy freedom from pain or discomfort in your body choose a Rolfing SI session.

If your aim is to relax, escape and enjoy tension relief choose a Massage Therapy session.

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a powerful healing modality that seeks to bring the whole body into better balance at every level. This is accomplished by organizing the major segments of the body — head, torso, shoulders, pelvis, legs — so they are balanced with their centers of gravity one above the other, similar to a stack of blocks. This idea of the blocks can be seen in the Rolf Institute's Little Boy Logo® and is based on actual pictures of a young boy both before and after he was Rolfed.
Rolfing ®
Structural Integration
Massage Therapy
Goals: Enhance your body's pattern of organization, balance it in gravity and enable it to function at higher levels of efficiency and ease Goals: Loosen tight tissue, reduce stress, detoxify your body and increase feelings of relaxation and well-being
Works primarily with fascia Works primarily with muscles
Visual assessment of your body’s structure and function Generally no assessment
Invites you to be present in your body Invites you to check-out and escape
No oil or lubricant is used Lubricant is used
Uses direct fascial technique Uses a wide variety of strokes (rubbing, kneading, etc.)
Client may be asked to move a part of their body as the practitioner works Client is usually inactive, passive, relaxed
Undergarments or exercise wear with or without a top sheet No clothing (underwear optional) always with a top sheet
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