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About Fawn Sewell
Rolfing® SI & Registered Massage Therapy

My name is Fawn Sewell. I am a Certified Rolfer and RMT. I operate a home-based clinic set in a quiet Callingwood area. I have been a full-time practicing RMT since receiving my certification in 1999. In 2013 I received my designation in Rolfing SI. I value the opportunity to support my clients on their journey toward optimal health and well-being.

Many clients, suffering from chronic pain, continue to struggle with discomfort even after trying many conventional therapies. They often discover Rolfing in their continued search for a long-lasting solution. Rolfing sessions can offer incredible results and help you regain a comfortable relationship with your body. My goal is to provide my clients with an exceptional level of care.

My clinic operates Tuesday through Saturday. Call, text or email anytime for more information or to book an appointment.
A complimentary Rolfing consultation, including postural assessment, is available by appointment.

Who am I?

I am someone who is passionate about supporting my clients on their journey toward enjoying a greater sense of ease and well-being in their body. Everyday I am grateful that I get to play a part in helping people feel better.

I’ve enjoyed a career in Massage Therapy since 1999. This work was rewarding, but over the years helping my clients experience a reduction in pain became my focus. This eventually led me to train as a Certified Rolfing SI practitioner. I graduated from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO in August 2013.

How I discovered Rolfing SI:

I incurred a lower back injury during an exercise class. I tried several types of treatments with a moderate amount of temporary symptomatic relief but the underlying cause remained and I would regularly experience pain and restricted mobility. I began noticing that the way I moved (vacuuming the car, picking up heavier items…etc) exacerbated my pain. My MD suggested I stop performing those activities. It was a solution I was not prepared to accept, instead I decided to try Rolfing SI.

After two Rolfing sessions I knew two things. This was the therapy that was really going to help my injury and this was the therapy I wanted to offer my clients.

Since my initial Rolfing series I have experienced no pain or reduced mobility. An increased awareness of my body and occasional Rolfing sessions help me from becoming injured or re-injured.

Fawn Sewell is a member in good standing with the National Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). Her Massage Therapy License number is accepted by all insurance providers in Alberta meeting the 2200-hour competency equivalency requirement.